19 Apr

China and Coal

3000 Quads

China has worked hard to develop alternative sources of energy. They were picked to lead …

12 Apr

Solar and Geothermal: Booming in Japan


Japan could become the next boom market for solar after it rolls out feed-in tariffs …

11 Apr

70MW of Solar Coming to Japan

Green Chip Stocks

While Japan tries to figure out whether or not it wants to fire up its …

26 Mar

Report: Asian Solar Demand Soaring


Solar module manufacturers will continue to sell their oversupply of inventory at tight margins until …

12 Mar

Japan: 1 Year After Fukishima

The Green Market Oracle

On the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami, Japan held solemn memorials. The …

23 Feb

Korea: All Set With Solar PV Manufacturing?

Greentech Media

Last week we reported that Samsung was withdrawing from the crystalline solar market, a market …

22 Feb

Japan Replaces Nuclear With Wind Power

Green Chip Stocks

In 2010, the UK’s industry economic valuation report predicted that floating wind turbines would eventually …

21 Feb

In Focus: Business Call to Action (BCTA)

Energy Refuge

Low-income Africans and South Asians will have access to solar power thanks to an initiative …

17 Feb

FUTUREWATCH: Artificial Clouds


Two years from now and the city of Sochi in Russia will be hosting the …

15 Feb

Samsung: All Set With Solar?

Greentech Media

Greentech Media has long viewed Samsung and the Korean industrial machine as a force to …

02 Feb

Isofoton: Building Solar Across Asia


China’s largest offshore oil company is taking a majority stake in a solar developer to …

11 Jan

Asia Smart Grid Update

Greentech Media

A lot of smart grid news has come out of Asia this week: – First …