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In Focus: Business Call to Action (BCTA)

In Focus: Business Call to Action (BCTA)

Low-income Africans and South Asians will have access to solar power thanks to an initiative called Business Call to Action (Bcta), supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) that encourages private sector efforts to develop inclusive business models that can have both commercial success and a positive impact in development. The project will be executed


FUTUREWATCH: Artificial Clouds

Two years from now and the city of Sochi in Russia will be hosting the Winter Olympics, 2014. During the event you might witness the marvel of artificial clouds, designed by Asadov Architecture Studio. It was originally conceptualized for the Aerostatic Architecture Competition in 2010, and now may see the light as modular clouds floating


Samsung: All Set With Solar?

Greentech Media has long viewed Samsung and the Korean industrial machine as a force to be reckoned with in greentech and solar. But the downturn in the solar market might be proving too much for even Samsung to bear. A report in the Korea Times has quoted an unnamed Samsung official as saying, “The solar-cell


Asia Smart Grid Update

A lot of smart grid news has come out of Asia this week: – First off, China. On Tuesday, Honeywell announced the first project for a U.S.-Chinese government smart grid partnership aimed at bringing faster demand response technologies to market. The north China city of Tianjin is the target, and the goal is to cut


Singapore: The Cleantech Gateway to Asia

“Singapore aims to develop a globally competitive cleantech industry and serve as the gateway to Asia for international companies,” said Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck at the Singapore Sustainability Awards 2011. In order to accomplish this, Singapore has developed the Singapore Sustainability Alliance (SSA) — a part of the International


Asia-Pacific Solar Industry: On Fire

Once an after-thought in solar development, the latest data shows the Asia-Pacific region is becoming the industry’s biggest market for photovoltaic solar power. According the research performed by Solarbuzz, and presented in its Asia Pacific Major PV Markets report, Asia’s PV market is forecast to increase 39% in the final quarter of 2011.  Looking at the numbers annually,


Asia Leads Renewable Energy Investments

As the decade comes to an end and a new one begins, Asiancountries have established themselves as the driving forces in renewable energy. According to a recent report released by The Pew Charitable Trusts, investment in renewable energy is being led by Asia, especially Chinaand India. Altogether, clean power projects carried within the G-20’sjurisdiction may

GT Solar opens new Asia headquarters in Hong Kong

GT Solar International Inc., a global provider of polysilicon production technology, and sapphire and silicon crystalline growth systems andmaterials for the solar, LED and other specialty markets, has opened its new Asia operations headquarters in Hong Kong. The Hong Kongheadquarters better serves the needs of its customers throughout theAsia Pacific region. “Over eighty-five percent of

Suntech to energize Southeast Asia’s largest solar power plant

Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd, the world’s leading producer ofcrystalline silicon solar panels, has been selected to supply 34.5MW ofsolar panels for the first phase of the largest solar power plant inThailand and Southeast Asia. Owned and operated by BangchakPetroleum Public Co. Ltd, and integrated by Solartron Public Co. Ltd,the planned 44MW (38MW AC output


Major Asia Pacific PV Markets To Grow 85% in 2010

Asia Pacific photovoltaic markets are poised to make a significantcontribution to global photovoltaic (PV) market growth in 2010 following improvements in the policy environment in most of the key countries inthis region. According to the Solarbuzz Asia and Pacific Major PV Markets 2010 report, the key emerging country markets of China, India,South Korea and Australia,