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FUTUREWATCH: Solar Roadways

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways is a grassroots company that is a stellar example of a powerful new approach to business. Their business model is a perfect marriage between innovative technology and innovative finance. Solar Roadways are spearheading a new reality that levels the playing field and gives us reason to believe that we will find a way to meet our energy needs without fossil fuels. Solar power was discovered over 170


FUTUREWATCH: Solar Powered Robotic Bees

Hey, remember those robotic bees that were going to save our species from extinction – or at least, from greatly reduced produce options? Okay, so it’s not quite a reality yet – but that hasn’t stopped Greenpeace from imagining what our world would look like if and when we actually need a robotic insect to keep the


Going Solar: It’s All About the Benjamins

Energy independence, environmental impact, climate change mitigation, contingency plans in case of a power outage – these are all good reasons to have solar power installed in one’s home or business. But for the majority of people plugging into solar energy, the best reason remains a financial one. Does nothing ever change? The Solar Foundation (TSF) released


Massive Ivanpah Project Goes Live

The world’s largest concentrating solar plant is now sending  electricity to the grid from California’s Mohave Desert – Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System. Spread out over 3,500 acres, the 377 megawatt (MW) project will supply electricity to 140,000 households in California each year, and more than twice that during peak hours of the day. The electricity is being sold under a long


NY Times: “Clean Car Boom” is Here

As we noted the other day, “this is a good time to be in the business of selling electric vehicles.” Why?  Three main reasons: 1) more choice; 2) lower electric vehicle prices; and 3) higher gasoline prices. All of this has resulted in “sales of electric cars hav[ing] more than doubled in the U.S. during


In Focus: Solar Art

In the current issue of Artforum there is an article entitled, “Material Differences: Nikoloz Japardize On Georgian Architecture” and by Georgian they mean Eastern European Georgia and not dudes sodomizing other dudes while making them squeal like a pig Deliverance Georgia if you know what I mean. Since nothing exists in a vacuum the article delves


Sun Boxes Hit the Big Screen

Sun Boxes at Vermont Parks are amazing! If you remember – in June – we posted about the awesome Sun Boxes at Vermont Parks. Well good news for those of you who want more. Installation artist Craig Colorusso has finished his film featuring Sun Boxes, Cubemusic, and MB 89. The film will be premiering at The Camden International


Romney + Ryan = RIP Clean Energy

Despite pledging to protect American employment, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney opposes critical clean energy policies that will encourage investment and create jobs on American soil. Gov. Romney wrote in a Columbus Dispatch op-ed that, “In place of real energy, Obama has focused on an imaginary world where government-subsidized windmills and


Recent India Power Blackout Reinforces Need for Solar

600 million people without power – and those were the ones expecting to have power. I’m not going to join the chorus of critical voices reacting to two of the world’s largest power black-outs this week in India. While surely there is ample blame to go around, it’s not really clear what happened. It could


The Solar Eclipse Pavilion from Michael Jantzen

The Solar Eclipse Pavilion is a design proposal for a large steel public art gathering-place that converts energy from the sun into electricity for the community in which it is built. This solar energy conversion takes place through a 7000 square foot array of photovoltaic solar cells, which are mounted on the top of the


The Sun-catcher Solar light sculpture

Sun-catcher sculpture is an innovative way to illuminate a street using solar energy. Artist Dee Dee Morrison and her Morrison Studio have designed and installed this solar powered sun-catcher sculpture at Clearwater in Florida, U.S.A. Built with integrated solar panels at the top, the sculpture can produce light for the street when it is dark.


Energy Harnessing Art

Artists and researchers all over the world are constantly working to create such masterpieces that can promise a greener future and also inspire others to adapt an eco friendly lifestyle. To compliment the people who are working for this great cause, here are some of the most creative pieces of art that have the capability