18 Jul

U.S Now Has Largest PV Plant


Yesterday (July 17) Agua Calienete, a solar photovoltaic farm being built in Yuma, County Ariz., …

22 May

California and Arizona: Full Solar Ahead

Arizona and California solidified their reputation as national leaders in solar energy production and installation …

22 May

The 3000 Foot Downdraft Energy Tower Concept


If all goes according to plan, the US-Mexican border area in Arizona’s San Luis is …

11 May

In Focus: Arizona’s Solar Hot Water Subsidies

Free Hot Water Blog

Free Hot Water often highlights California’s generous subsidies for solar hot water installations, but it’s …

09 Apr

Can Phoenix Become a Sustainable City?

The Phoenix Sun

Walk into the lobby of Rio Salado College’s new eco-friendly building in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, …

06 Apr

Arizona: #3 in Solar Energy Production

Arizona has solidified its reputation as a world leader in solar energy, with a recent …

28 Feb

Scottsdale Schools Go Solar

Arizona has become one of the leading states in the country in solar power production …

23 Feb

This Week’s Biggest Solar Projects

Solar Pros

Two major companies are taking advantage of solar energy as major projects are being unveiled …

20 Dec

1BOG Launches Arizona Campaign


One Block Off the Grid, a community solar company, recently launched a new Arizona campaign. …

18 Dec

Big Week Coming Up for Arizona Solar


Solar energy will power America. Solar energy will power the world. It already is using …

29 Oct

BLM Identifies Western U.S Solar Zones

Yale Environment 360

The Obama administration has unveiled a plan detailing where utility-scale solar power projects can bedeveloped …

11 Aug

Grid Parity: It’s Already Happened


It’s already happened. You missed it. Sorry. Nothing to see here any longer. Move along! …