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The 3000 Foot Downdraft Energy Tower Concept

The 3000 Foot Downdraft Energy Tower Concept

If all goes according to plan, the US-Mexican border area in Arizona’s San Luis is set to be the recipient of a revolutionary piece of architectural and technological ingenuity. First patented in 1975 by Phillip Carlson, the downdraft energy tower is a structure that will generate clean power through the use of wind turbines and


In Focus: Arizona’s Solar Hot Water Subsidies

Free Hot Water often highlights California’s generous subsidies for solar hot water installations, but it’s not the only state committed to solar water heating. Arizona’s utilities all offer different—but valuable—solar hot water incentives for both residential and commercial installations. Of course, these are in addition to the Federal government’s 30% Investment Tax Credit. APS –


Scottsdale Schools Go Solar

Arizona has become one of the leading states in the country in solar power production and a recent installation is continuing the trend. The Scottsdale Unified School District will soon unveil its newest solar power project, which will provide shade at Chaparral and Desert Mountain high schools, in addition to saving the schools money. The


This Week’s Biggest Solar Projects

Two major companies are taking advantage of solar energy as major projects are being unveiled this week. Take a look at the week’s largest solar power projects: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona just celebrated a whopping 16,000 solar panel installation in their massive airport. Because Phoenix, Arizona benefits from roughly 310 days of


Big Week Coming Up for Arizona Solar

Solar energy will power America. Solar energy will power the world. It already is using stored energy from dead plants … but that is running out, hard to get and hard to convert and goofs up the atmosphere in a very deadly way. It’s all solar. The name may be different, but all of our

Arizona Solar Rebates Going Fast in 2011

Toward the end of 2010, Arizona Public Service (APS) ran out of funds for its residential solar rebate program. In what’s become a commonproblem for state- and utility-sponsored solar incentive programs across the country, there were simply too many homeowners interested in solarpower and too few rebate dollars to go around. The start of the

Arizona Deserts Key to Solar Power

Abengoa Solar announced today that it has finalized $1.45 billion financing to build Solana,the world’s largest parabolic trough concentrating solar plant whichwill generate 250 net megawatts (MW). A parabolic trough is a type ofsolar thermal energy collector. Santiago Seage, CEO ofAbengoa Solar, stated, “Solana is the first large scale CSP plant forAbengoa Solar in the