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Oil Prices and Renewable Energy

Oil Prices and Renewable Energy

The long-term prospects of solar, wind and other clean sources of energy are tied to the cost of fossil fuels. The artificially low price of oil makes it harder for renewable sources of energy to compete. Subsidies drive down the price of petrochemicals, but the true costs are not reflected in crude oil prices. Investors are


Mecca: Leading Saudia Arabia Solar Effort

The holy city of Mecca could be the first in Saudia Arabia to host a utility-scale solar power plant, as the sun-rich desert kingdom seeks to diversify its energy mix, reports Bloomberg. In early January 2013, the city will select from at least 20 bidders that want to build local power plants in Mecca to


Solar Saudi Arabia is Coming!

Solar Frontier, a Japanese thin film solar company with big plans (and a 100 percentsubsidiary of Showa Shell), just announced that it will supply SaudiAramco with 10 megawatts of CIS solar modules for a car parkinstallation in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The installation will be one ofthe largest photovoltaic-covered parking lots in the world, atapproximately 40


Large CPV System Planned For Saudi Arabia

SolFocus, a developer of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar systems, says that Vision Electro Mechanical Co., a subsidiary of Construction Products Holding Co. (CPC), will build what it says is the first commercial CPV power plant in Saudi Arabia. The project, located in the Bahra region of the country, will deliveraround 300 MWh of energy per


Vision Electro Mechanical to Develop Solar Plants in Saudi Arabia

Walking through glorious history of oil production, the world’s most important oil producer Saudi Arabia is now looking towards solar energy for power. The largest Arab country of the Middle East is gearing up to set its first solar power plant manufacturer, the Vision ElectroMechanical Co. Established with the aim to develop, manufacture andoperate solar


Saudi Arabia, Japan Plan Huge Solar Desalination Equipment Plant

Saudi Arabia, which depends on desalination for most of its fresh waterneeds, has implemented many ideas to make desalination a moreeconomically viable and eco –friendly option, which includes setting up solar powered desalination plants.   Recently, Saudi infrastructuredeveloper ACWA Holding joined hands with Japanese companies, Toyobo andItochu corporations to form the Arabian Japanese Membrane company.


It’s All About Solar Water in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia got into solar today, but for reasons that are somewhat novel compared to other solar programs around the world. The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology has begun tobuild a solar powered desalination plant. Saudi Arabia currentlyconsumes and produces 18 percent of the world’s desalinated water.Desalination actually can consume tremendous amounts of


$1B Polysilicon Plant in Saudi Arabia

The First Energy Bank of Bahrain plans to build a polysilicon plantin Saudia Arabia to serve an increasing demand for solar energygeneration in the Middle East. The bank said it’s teaming up with Project Management andDevelopment Co. in Saudi Arabia to build the factory, which would costabout $1 billion, reported the Reuters. The factory would


The indirect effects of energy independence

Energyindependence and environmental responsibility are not exactly the samething.  They do not have similar goals; the former seeks to acquireenergy resources domestically regardless of the type or environmentaleffects, while the latter encourages energy production methods thattake into account the effects on ecosystems.  While they may havedifferent goals on the surface, the two are not mutually

Saudi Arabia Takes Solar Plunge

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, has partneredwith one of Japan’s leading thin-film solar companies on a project todevelop small-scale electricity generation businesses using solar powerin the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has recently announced its determination to diversifyits economic basis in which they cited solar energy as one of the coreareas of