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Apple, Facebook, and Google get Greenpeace Praise

Apple, Facebook, and Google get Greenpeace Praise

Greenpeace, which has long been critical of the enormous energy used by leading tech companies, is now lauding Apple, Facebook and Google for their leadership. Working to power the internet with 100% renewable energy, signals a major shift in the industry over the past two years, Greenpeace says in Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet. Imagine


CSP Exploding in China

A $150 million loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will help China build a 50-megawatt concentrated solar power plant in the northwestern province of Qinghai. According to the ADB, if timely deployed, concentrated solar power in China can provide up to 15% of electricity by 2040. “This pioneering project will demonstrate how the PRC could leverage its indigenous


Apple Loves Solar

The U.S. Patent and Trademark office just published a patent application for a solar power management system invented by Apple. The patent reveals a solar power panel accessory for Apple’s mobile devices that will not require a power converter. The solar power management system will work with both a power adapter and seamlessly with the


FUTUREWATCH: Flexible Cell Phones from Samsung

Flexible cell phone displays are on the horizon. Samsung is planning to start production of mobile phones that feature plastic displays rather than glass in 2013- that will be lighter, durable and possibly even less expensive than current cell phones on the market. The company is planning to use a plastic material instead of glass,


The U.S. Department of Energy’s Apps for Energy Challenge

The Obama administration threw a its third datathon (my word) this week dubbed the  “Energy Datapalooza.” It featured about 150 entrepreneurs, policymakers and software developers, among others, and aspired to offer ways to learn new ways to save energy and lower bills from what is supposed to be free and secure data. Government and private


In Focus: Electric Vehicle Myths

What, with soaring gas prices and enhanced environmental awareness these days, electric cars have generated quite a bit of excitement and attention since General Motors’ modern day model premiered at the 1990 Los Angeles Auto Show. While the concept is as old as cars themselves (Robert Anderson, a Scottish inventor in the 1800s, created an


In Focus: Solar Monitoring Apps

Once you have a solar PV installation on your roof, you begin to look at electricity use in a whole new way. You and your family might play the solar savings game, where you see just how low your electric use can go, so you can feed it all back in to the grid and


40 of the Sickest Eco Apps

Technology may not be a panacea to solve the climate crisis, but green applications (eco-apps) are helping to drive awareness and foster responsible action. There was a time when eco-apps did little more than provide lists of so-called “green” products and services. Now green-themed apps have turned mobile devices into portals for environmental education and


The ‘Apps for Energy’ Challenge

The Department of Energy (DOE) is launching an “Apps for Energy” challenge today that invites entrepreneurs and students to come up with innovate ways to implement its new Green Button program. In March, the Obama administration announced an agreement with nine major utilities to give customers access to data about their energy use, with a simple