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6 Really Cool Electric Car Apps

6 Really Cool Electric Car Apps

Despite all their environmental benefits, 87 percent of consumers are still skeptical about electric cars, Consumer Reports found. People cite several reasons for their reluctance when it comes to electric vehicles, including price, reported safety concerns and range limitations. If you want to drive an electric vehicle, we’ve got the best electric car apps to


SolarCity Earnings = MEH

SolarCity (SCTY) has been one of the hottest alternative energy stocks since its Initial Public Offering five short months ago. Yesterday it shot up 24% in one day, on the largest one-day volume since it opened, in anticipation of its quarterly earnings release. It is up 95% in the past three months, and has more


BMW Launches ParkNow

San Francisco represents a logistical nightmare for transportation officials due to heavy traffic and limited parking. BMW saw these liabilities and initiated an EV sharing program called DriveNow in San Francisco earlier this summer. Representatives from BMW along with Mayor Ed Lee announced last week plans for a wireless parking network called ParkNow. The ParkNow


New Jersey Governor Confirm Commitment to Solar

Just across the river from EcoOutfitters’ New York headquarters, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today displayed strong solar support and leadership. By signing into legislation a bill that will increase the number of SRECS (solar renewable energy credits) that electric utilities must buy, Gov. Christie has helped keep the solar industry’s healthy growth rate intact.


SunPower’s iPhone App

Have you heard of SunPower’s Monitoring System? If you haven’t, you could be in for a treat. The following is a brief description of their system from their website: “The SunPower® Monitoring System is a web-enabled energy dashboard that offers homeowners easy access to view their home’s energy consumption and solar energy production in real-time.


The ‘Apps for Energy’ Challenge

The Department of Energy (DOE) is launching an “Apps for Energy” challenge today that invites entrepreneurs and students to come up with innovate ways to implement its new Green Button program. In March, the Obama administration announced an agreement with nine major utilities to give customers access to data about their energy use, with a simple


Facebook Launches Game Changing Energy Efficiency App

When President Obama announced the Green Button program a couple of weeks ago, we knew it would be a hit and could, in fact, revolutionize energy efficiency. We’re already seeing the potential for that on Facebook, which today launched a “social energy app.” Facebook, Opower and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) today unveiled a


Greentech Media Launches iPhone App

Greentech Media is excited to announce the official launch of our new iPhone app, available now in the App Store. The FREE, fully-integrated app offers access to all of GTM’s daily content and lets you preview market research reports fromGTM Research. From each article page, you can post and read comments,share the story via Twitter and


SMA Releases Sunny Portal iPhone App

Inverter manufacturer SMA America has introduced the Sunny Portalapplication for iPhones. Available for free download from the Apple AppStore, it allows solar power system owners and operators to manage,monitor and display PV system performance instantly. SMA’s first iPhone application, the Solarchecker, was released earlier this year. "The Sunny Portal iPhone application provides on-the-go monitoring for

Home Energy Efficiency? There’s an App for That

Yes, of course there’s an app for that. It can’t bring you thickerwindows or a solar hot water system, but it can grade your energyefficiency based on detailed information you provide. And if you dodecide to invest in solar or efficiency retrofits, clear graphics willmake those improvements tangible. Developed by Qreative Medias, the Home Energy

National Clean Fuels to Develop Solar iPhone App

National Clean Fuels says its newly acquired subsidiary, China National Solar, is developing a new iPhone application called SolarGenie, which willenable consumers interested in solar energy to determine what electricutilities in their area purchase user-generated power and what thenet-metering rates are for their local area. The company says the app will help consumers determine whether