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Republican’s Anti-Science Stance on Global Warming

In an effort to pander to the Tea Party, Republican contenders are towingthe climate denial line ahead of the midterm elections. An influx ofRepublicans means that both chambers will be polluted by moreanti-science skeptics of human-induced global warming. The factsare hard to refute, but where there is a will there is a way. Althoughsome Republicans


Is the Arizona Anti-Solar Bill Really Dead?

After afirestorm of criticism over HB 2701, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issueda two-sentence statement late Thursday afternoon praisingRepresentative Debbie Lesko for her “wise and thoughtful actions todayto withdraw HB 2701…” We had to take the Governor’s word that the bill had been withdrawn,because Lesko had been muzzled. Reporters calling her office aboutHB2701 were referred to

Spanish Energy Official Debunks Anti-Solar Study (Again)

Spain’s Secretary of Energy Pedro Marín has debunked — yet again — astudy the purports to show a connection between solar investment andjob loss in that country. Speaking at the Solar Power International conference now underway in Anaheim, CA, Secretary Marín discussed some of the study’s flaws in an interview with RenewableEnergyWorld.com writer, Stephen Lacey.