25 Oct

Has The Solar Tipping Point Arrived?


Many claims are being made these days that we’re at the tipping point for solar. …

18 Aug

98% of Canadians Believe in Climate Change


A new opinion poll released this week suggests only two per cent of Canadians who …

03 Aug

Group Net Metering: Community Solar’s Golden Ticket


Almost every state in the country has net metering laws on the books. But only …

21 Mar

Do Americans Like Fossil Fuels?

Green Chip Stocks

A new Pew survey conducted last week has indicated a shift in attitudes regarding the …

22 Oct

Poll Shows Most Americans Want Solar Now

Energy Refuge

If the American public were to have its way, solar energy would be powering the …

17 Oct

Climate Change Confuses Most Americans


How strong is your knowledge of climate change? If you’re the average American, sad to …

14 Oct

5 Reasons Why Americans Overwhelmingly Want Solar

Brightstar Solar

The Schott Solar Barometer, an annual national report, confirmed that Americans overwhelming want and support …

12 Oct

Independent Poll Says 94% Of Americans Support Solar Energy

Solar Industry

The vast majority of Americans support the development and funding ofsolar energy, which has remained …

24 Aug

Study: Americans Used Less Energy And More Renewables in 2009

Yale Environment 360

U.S. energy use fell in 2009 and Americans used more wind and solar power and …

23 Oct

Fewer Americans Worried About Global Warming


The percentage of Americans who believe global temperatures arerising fell sharply over the past year, …