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Has The Solar Tipping Point Arrived?

Has The Solar Tipping Point Arrived?

Many claims are being made these days that we’re at the tipping point for solar. The McKinsey report Solar Power: Darkest Before Dawn attributes this largely to lower prices: not only have solar costs plummeted in the last two years, but the cost of commercial-scale systems is already competitive — and for residential customers, leases


98% of Canadians Believe in Climate Change

A new opinion poll released this week suggests only two per cent of Canadians who responded believe climate change is not occurring. A further nine per cent believe climate change is occurring naturally. And 54 per cent feel both humans and Mother Nature are playing a role. The survey was conducted by Insightrix Research for


Group Net Metering: Community Solar’s Golden Ticket

Almost every state in the country has net metering laws on the books. But only a few states allow a lesser-known policy that is critical for the expansion of distributed renewables, particularly community-scale solar— that’s aggregate, virtual, or group net metering.  And there are a lot of good reasons to want to see its expansion.


Poll Shows Most Americans Want Solar Now

If the American public were to have its way, solar energy would be powering the country now. A new survey commissioned by Schott Solar and carried out nationallyby independent polling firm Kelton Research, found that 94 percent ofAmericans think it is important for the U.S. to develop and use solarenergy. The results are consistent with


Climate Change Confuses Most Americans

How strong is your knowledge of climate change? If you’re the average American, sad to say you’d probably get a failing grade according to a new study by Yale University’s Project on ClimateChange Communication. A shocking 57% of Americans recently surveyed gotan "F," indicating that there’s a steep hill to climb to an educatedpublic. This

Independent Poll Says 94% Of Americans Support Solar Energy

The vast majority of Americans support the development and funding ofsolar energy, which has remained consistent over the last three years,according to the 2010 SCHOTT Solar Barometer, a survey conducted byindependent polling firm Kelton Research. The survey found that 94% of Americans think it is important for the U.S.to develop and use solar energy. This

Fewer Americans Worried About Global Warming

The percentage of Americans who believe global temperatures arerising fell sharply over the past year, according to the latestnational survey by the Pew Center for People and the Press. Still more troubling, fewer Americans say that global warming is a veryserious problem than they did a year ago – 35% say that today, downfrom 44% in