08 May

Renewz PV Carports: Coming to America


Solar carports are gaining traction across the world and now Italian-designed solar carports are coming …

01 May

72% of Americans Think Climate Change Should be Prioritized

Green Chip Stocks

According to a new report issued by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, Americans …

01 May

Virginia: Clean Energy Mecca?

Energy Boom

Researchers assessing the state’s potential for renewable energy say Virginia could realistically meet half of …

26 Apr

Obama Discusses Climate Change in Rolling Stone Interview


In an hour-long interview with Rolling Stone, “Ready for the Fight,” President Obama talked about …

23 Apr

Americans: Less Green this Earth Day

The Green Market Oracle

Green Attitude polls suggests that Americans are actually less green this Earth Day. As reported …

22 Apr

The Dark Side of Earth Day

I know, Earth Day is supposed to be a day for optimism, a day to …

21 Apr

Philips New Light Bulb: Lasts for 20 Years, Costs $60


How much money is an average American consumer willing to spend on a state of …

12 Apr

The 5 Greenest Cities in America


The following cities are known for being very health-conscious and conducive to a healthy lifestyle.  Whether …

10 Apr

65% of Americans Want Action on Climate Change


“Belief” in climate change is rising again, after reaching a low point over the past …

09 Apr

U.S Coal Exports @ 20 Year High

For the full year of 2011, the US exported 107,259 thousand short tons of coal. …

04 Apr

Geothermal in America: The Geysers


Driving north on the 101 up the California coast, I stifled a yawn. Partly because …

01 Apr

Is the U.S Ditching Clean Energy for Fossil Fuels?

Yale Environment 360

The story of American energy used to be that we consumed and imported too much, …