17 Aug

NREL’s Plan for Clean Energy Scaling

Scaling Green

I’ve begun thinking that one of the defining questions for clean energy is, “What’s the …

11 Aug

U.S Promises $2B in Renewable Energy Loans to South Africa


Eyeing South Africa’s potential as a key export market, the US is coming up with …

31 Jul

Will Tesla Motors Change the World?


It’s a little bit mind-boggling to think that only a century ago, cars were just …

03 Jul

10 Principles of True Energy Independence

Free Hot Water Blog

As we approach the July 4thholiday for 2012, it’s a great time to reflect on …

01 Jul

Intersolar North America Highlights

QUESTPOINT Solar Solutions

Intersolar North America, the premier solar industry exhibition and conference in North America for solar …

25 Jun

Cleantech in China: An American Perspective

The Green Light Distrikt

I met with Daniel Enking a few months ago to chat about his experience living …

21 Jun

The Pros and Cons of Solar (revisited)

Cooler Planet

Researching about solar power can be overwhelming. Not only is it a big investment, but …

20 Jun

Free Solar Training for Unemployed Veterans

The US Solar Institute

In a previous blog post, we announced that the Veterans Retaining Assistance Program was accepting …

19 Jun

Report: 80% of U.S Electricity Can Be Supplied by Renewables by 2050


Renewable energy can supply 80% of US electricity demand by 2050, concludes a report from …

17 Jun

New Jersey: The Largest American Solar Market


For the second time the Garden State has trumped the Golden State in terms of …

17 Jun

American Homes: Using Less Energy

3000 Quads

You used to be able to predict how much energy a home would use, just …

11 May

Energy Policy’s Difficult Choices


I recently wrote a post critical of radical environmentalists who take rigid positions and refuse …