07 Aug

New Jersey Solar Industry is Exploding

Solar Power Rocks

The solar industry in the U.S. has been gathering steam in the last few years …

31 Jul

U.S States Spend $6.9 Billion On Energy Efficiency


State-level support for encouraging utilities (and by association their rate payers) to become more energy-efficient …

09 Jul

Obama Makes Renewables Pivot

California Solar Lease

Just as Obama ‘pivoted’ America’s geo-political policy towards Asia in 2011, Obama’s recent speech at Georgetown University …

02 Jul

Clean Energy Job Growth Keeps Impressing


The green job movement has often been criticized as an over-hyped, failed initiative, but the …

24 Jun

Major Climate Announcement Coming from President Obama


President Obama has taken to Twitter to announce that he will be making a major …

06 Jun

The Land of 10,000 Panels: Minnesota


When one thinks of solar, you think of somewhere with plenty of sunshine and hot …

20 May

Ernie Moniz To Lead the U.S. DOE


It’s hard to know what to make of this week’s unanimous Senate vote, confirming Ernie …

05 May

The Greenest Building in America?

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

On Earth Day this year, The Bullitt Center opened its doors in Seattle, Washington.  The …

05 May

Solar Impulse Flies Across America

Founder's Blog

If there is anything cooler than a solar-powered airplane that can fly at night, we …

29 Apr

Solar Decathlon Readies for Road Trip


The world’s first Solar Decathlon was held in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall, our …

23 Apr

Google “Advises” Utility Companies to Use Renewable Energy


As North Carolina works on destroying its Renewable Portfolio Standard – the policy that’s catapulted …

18 Apr

Top 10 U.S Eco Cities

QUESTPOINT Solar Solutions

With Earth Day just around the corner, Redfin, a technology-powered real estate broker, today announced …