09 Feb

60 Minutes: Solar Reporting Fail

Ameco Solar Blog

Last month, 60 Minutes aired a segment where one of the program’s anchors, Lesley Stahl, …

07 Feb

WOW: Airplanes More Energy Efficient Than Cars


While most people think driving a car is better for the environment than flying in …

26 Jul

The Future of Aviation: It’s Electric!


After attending the Air Paris Show where aviation vendors show off their latest innovations, Frost …

05 May

Solar Impulse Flies Across America

Founder's Blog

If there is anything cooler than a solar-powered airplane that can fly at night, we …

11 Mar

Transatlantic Biofuel Takes Off


On March 8, KLM Dutch Airlines flew partially on used cooking oil from Amsterdam to …

04 Mar

Solar Impulse Lands in San Francisco


Solar Impulse, the manned, solar-powered plane has made its first journey across the Atlantic from …

07 Dec

Solar Impulse Airplane Featured on 60 Minutes


Solar Impulse, the ultralight, ultra-wide, solar-powered airplane with photovoltaic wings, vying to become the first …

07 Dec

Going Somewhere? Consider these Green Options

Cooler Planet

Bounce Your Way to Work: We’ll start from the ground up, with the perhaps most …

02 Dec

Sustainable Building 101


Building sustainable and energy efficient structures has become very popular over the last few years. …

14 Aug

We Have to Fight to Win Our Future

Thomas Nelson

A few months ago I was having a routine beer with my good friend Ken, …

11 Jun

Solar Impulse Airplane: SunPower Inside

The Solar Company

Remember the remarkable solar plane that surpassed a 24-hour test flight? If you do, great! …

21 May

Ascent Solar Enters the Aerospace Industry


Ascent Solar’s announcement earlier this week about partnering with Bye Aerospace is just the tip …