60 Minutes: Solar Reporting Fail

Last month, 60 Minutes aired a segment where one of the program’s anchors, Lesley Stahl, tried to make the case that clean technology and renewable energy were “dead.” In her report, Stahl makes a number of claims about the energy industry and the future of renewables that have been proven false by a number of […] Read more

WOW: Airplanes More Energy Efficient Than Cars

While most people think driving a car is better for the environment than flying in an airplane, that’s not necessarily true because airplane engines are getting much more efficient. In fact, unless you drive a car that gets 33.8 gallons per mile (or carry more than one passenger), new airplanes coming off the assembly line are more fuel-efficient, according […] Read more

The Future of Aviation: It’s Electric!

After attending the Air Paris Show where aviation vendors show off their latest innovations, Frost & Sullivan have some exciting developments to report. Major industry players have novel solutions they say, which could catapult the aviation industry to an all-electric revolution – with all-electric aircraft. “The buzz word is “electric,” says Alix Leboulanger, Frost & Sullivan […] Read more

Solar Impulse Flies Across America

If there is anything cooler than a solar-powered airplane that can fly at night, we sure haven’t seen it.  The plane is called Solar Impulse (technically HB-SIA) and it is making its way across the country right now!  In fact, if you live in Phoenix, you could go see it today or Tuesday (and yes, […] Read more

Transatlantic Biofuel Takes Off

On March 8, KLM Dutch Airlines flew partially on used cooking oil from Amsterdam to New York, the first of a series of transatlantic weekly flights on biofuels. Over the next 25 weeks, the plane will fly between New York’s JFK Airport and Amsterdam each Thursday to pilot the use of biofuels blended with petroleum-based jet […] Read more

Solar Impulse Lands in San Francisco

Solar Impulse, the manned, solar-powered plane has made its first journey across the Atlantic from Europe—in a plane. The plane landed in San Francisco Feb. 21, ferried the disassembled Solar Impulse (HB-SIA) across the Atlantic in a Boeing 747 (which actually has a smaller wing span than the photovoltaic-powered plane) ahead of its planned flight […] Read more

Solar Impulse Airplane Featured on 60 Minutes

Solar Impulse, the ultralight, ultra-wide, solar-powered airplane with photovoltaic wings, vying to become the first solar-powered airplane to circumnavigate the globe was recently featured on the respected CBS News 60 Minutes program. During the segment journalist Bob Simon talked with the founders of the $120 million effort, Bertrand Piccard, a doctor, psychiatrist and aeronaut who […] Read more

Going Somewhere? Consider these Green Options

Bounce Your Way to Work: We’ll start from the ground up, with the perhaps most fun form of transportation: a trampoline road. Estonian architecture studio, Salto, has built an inventive solution to the boredom of the morning commute—a 51 meter (170 foot-long) trampoline, that can be used to bounce to your destination. The trampoline, dubbed […] Read more

Sustainable Building 101

Building sustainable and energy efficient structures has become very popular over the last few years. Homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints and reduce their energy consumption and costs, and sustainable or green construction techniques fulfill both of those needs. The goal of sustainable or green building is to reduce the […] Read more

We Have to Fight to Win Our Future

A few months ago I was having a routine beer with my good friend Ken, who is the director of our local sustainable business network. He had met with one of the business people that belonged to his network earlier in the day and was caught off guard by a question. “What do we do […] Read more

Solar Impulse Airplane: SunPower Inside

Remember the remarkable solar plane that surpassed a 24-hour test flight? If you do, great! If you don’t, then sit tight because I promise to fill you in. In a previous post back in April, I had written about a solar aircraft prototype, whose team of creators agreed to an ambitious goal after the success […] Read more

Ascent Solar Enters the Aerospace Industry

Ascent Solar’s announcement earlier this week about partnering with Bye Aerospace is just the tip of the wing when it comes to opportunities for the Colorado solar thin-film company.  “That’s a pretty interesting opportunity for us,” said Brad Kemp, Ascent’s director of marketing and sales in an exclusive interview with He said the company […] Read more

Fuel Cells at Airports Have DOE Backing

The Dept of Energy (DOE) is making $2.5 million available this year to demonstrate and deploy fuel cell electric vehicles that transport passenger baggage at major U.S. airports. The projects selected for funding will demonstrate first-generation, fuel cell powered baggage towing tractors under real-world operating conditions at airport, and collect and analyze data to test their performance and […] Read more

Southwest Airplanes Upgraded with Green Materials

Southwest Airlines is introducing green materials in its new cabins as part of its Evolve initiative.  The $60 million retrofit will be finished in 2013. Southwest says the changes will reduce fuel consumption, increase passenger comfort, and lead to greater revenues (the design allows for more seats) without raising prices. Seats: New seats will be more durable and will reduce […] Read more