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01 Sep

U.S Army Announces $7 Billon in Solar Projects


As the U.S. Army continues to modernize, it’s showing a lot of interest in something …

20 May

Top 5 Ways The U.S Military is Utililizing Renewable Energy


The U.S. Military is all about efficiency and effectiveness. In the eyes of the military, …

09 Nov

Ascent Solar Wins Phase 2 Air Force Award


The Air Force recently awarded Colorado-based Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. with a Phase 2 Small …

14 Aug

We Have to Fight to Win Our Future

Thomas Nelson

A few months ago I was having a routine beer with my good friend Ken, …

03 Sep

100% EV at Los Angeles Air Force Base


Air Force officials unveiled a plan on Wednesday to establish Los Angeles Air Force Base as …

28 May

Video of Obama Touting Solar and Geothermal Power

Green Stocks Central

Prez Obama spoke at Nellis Air Force base today discussing theimportance of renewable energy and …