12 Feb

Will Technology Get Us Environmental Science Answers?


Everyone is towards being the leader on everything. Talk about globalization, every country wants to …

22 Jan

Michael Jantzen’s California Food and Agriculture Pavilion

Michael Jantzen

This pavilion proposal was created as a tourist attraction for the California Department of Food …

20 Nov

In Focus: SunEdison’s Solar Water Pumps

Greentech Media

SunEdison is moving into the water pump market with a solar powered product and a …

08 Nov

FUTUREWATCH: 21st Century Cities

CleanEdison Blog

Cities are resilient; they test the fate of time, enduring through a multitude of disasters. …

06 Nov

Apple Loves Solar


The U.S. Patent and Trademark office just published a patent application for a solar power …

23 Oct

India Throws $10 Billion at Smart Grid

Greentech Media

India has a power grid that is ripe for renovation and transformation. More than a …

14 Oct

Green Business Development: New Technologies


The green movement has made everyone realize just how much damage we’re doing to the …

14 Oct

5 Coolest Department of Defense Solar Project in Development


In 2012, the Department of Defense announced its goal to deploy three gigawatts of renewable …

29 Aug

Top 15 U.S Environmental Scholarships in America

The Green Market Oracle

Environmentally minded students who are hard pressed to secure the resources to attend college and …

05 Aug

Plasmonic Black Metals: Lowering the Cost of Solar Cells?

The Daily Fusion

According to a Lawrence Livermore engineering team, plasmonic black metals—nanostructured metals are designed to have …

30 Jun

House of Representatives Passes Hemp Amendment


Here’s a surprise – the House of Representatives, which has barely passed any legislation this …

11 Jun

Solar WILL be the Cheapest Form of Energy in America

SolarChat friend and participant Rhone Resch, the president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industry …