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Norman Foster Selected to Design New Apple City $AAPL

Norman Foster Selected to Design New Apple City $AAPL

After collecting land in Cupertino, which included 100 acres of land picked up from HP last month for $300 million, Apple has reportedlyselected renowned British architect Norman Foster to design the company’s new campus. The news broke from the house of a Spanish Newspaper, which also claims that tunnels will connect both campuses of the

How Green is Apple’s iPhone 4? $AAPL

Apple has officially launched its new iPhone 4, which definitelycovers the aspects most iPhone 3G and 3GS users were looking for. Itfeatures a better display, better software and much better technicalspecs. However, we expected the new device to house several greenfeatures, which were missing from earlier models. Though there were some third-party apps that let


Rock Out With These 10 Eco-friendly iPod Docks $AAPL

There is no denying the fact that the iPod has dominated the PMPindustry right from its inception. This level of popularity has madeseveral design houses and manufacturers develop products that are aimedat making the player’s user experience much better. The market isflooded with excellent docks that do everything from charging yourplayer to playing the content


Apple Considers Solar Illumination Patent for Display Screens $AAPL

Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens can often be difficult to viewin direct sunlight or when used outside. However, one computer companymay have just the solution. A patent application from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL),published last week, describes techniques for capturing light fromexternal sources to illuminate electronic device display screens. The External Light Illumination of Display Screens’

Apple Patent Hints at Solar iPods (AAPL)

Apple’s employees have appliedfor a patent that relates to devices that are powered by onboardtransparent solar cells. Dubbed the Power Management Circuitry andSolar Cells, the patent hints at new PMPs that are powered entirely byrenewable energy. The patentalso deals with power electronics for managing electricity flow frommultiple solar cells on a single device. And the