27 Jan

The iNature Bio-Degradable iPhone Case $AAPL


Italian firms Med Computer and Biomood have created biodegradable cases for Apple iPhone, the iNature. …

27 Dec

How Apple will Integrate Clean Energy into Future iDevices $AAPL


Like many consumer electronics companies, Apple too has come under flak for its use of …

24 Dec

Solar iPhone Coming? Foxconn Enters Chinese Solar Industry


At a time when solar manufacturers around the world are reeling from overproduction, low prices …

10 Dec

Will Apple’s New Spaceship Campus Have the Biggest Solar Array in U.S?


Apple unveiled its plans yesterday for its new striking headquarters campus in Cupertino, California. “I want …

17 Nov

5 Green Patents Apple Has Yet to Unleash in iDevices $AAPL


Apple Inc. has a number of patents, a couple of them really seem to be …

28 Oct

Apple to Build North Carolina Solar Farm $AAPL


Not sure what the secret is, but Apple is quietly clearing 174 acres of land in North …

21 Oct

In Focus: Recycle Your iPhone $AAPL

Cooler Planet

With the hype of the highly anticipated iPhone 4S, many current iPhone users are preparing …

17 Oct

Apple Hits All-Time High $AAPL

Beacon Equity Research

Shares of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) have pushed to al-time highs with the screaming success …

13 Oct

Apple’s Product Recycling Efforts $AAPL

The Green Market Oracle

Apple started recycling in 1994 and today they operate recycling programs in countries where most …

12 Oct

Steve Jobs Helped Apple Remove Toxic Chemicals from Products $AAPL

The Green Market Oracle

Steve Jobs was an innovative technological genius, but he should also be remembered for his …

23 Sep

The 5 Greenest iPad Cases $AAPL


We all love electronic gadgets but it’s very tough for us to protect them from …

23 Sep

iPhone Speakers: No Electricity Needed $AAPL


When it comes to iPhone speakers, we mostly prefer electricity-free options. Not only does it …