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5 Green Patents Apple Has Yet to Unleash in iDevices $AAPL

5 Green Patents Apple Has Yet to Unleash in iDevices $AAPL

Apple Inc. has a number of patents, a couple of them really seem to be interesting. These were filed recently in February 2011. Apple is doing research in methods, which help in harnessing the solar energy to run all the portable devices. Five of these patents have been covered in this article. The first one


In Focus: Recycle Your iPhone $AAPL

With the hype of the highly anticipated iPhone 4S, many current iPhone users are preparing for the upgrade. While crowds are forming many may encounter a disposal dilemma of an existing cell phone. Apple and other companies are taking environmental strides by offering recycling programs of old phones. Discarded cell phones account for nearly 65,000 tons


Apple Hits All-Time High $AAPL

Shares of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) have pushed to al-time highs with the screaming success of the new iPhone. AAPL broke through resistance at $422.86 and continues to move with the upper Bollinger band. iPhone 4S is available in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK, and will be available in 22


Steve Jobs Helped Apple Remove Toxic Chemicals from Products $AAPL

Steve Jobs was an innovative technological genius, but he should also be remembered for his environmental efforts. He was the mind behind Pixar and other technology companies, but he is best known for his work at Apple. Jobs’ environmentalism went well beyond being a vegetarian, he improved Apple’s environmental image by withdrawing from the US


The 5 Greenest iPad Cases $AAPL

We all love electronic gadgets but it’s very tough for us to protect them from scratches and damages. Nowadays, the slate tablet, iPad comes with highly featured and extremely thin elegant screen. If we put a protective screen, it can only secure the screen but the case is unprotected. Moreover, if the protective screens are


The 7 Best Green iPhone Apps $AAPL

We always tend to associate green technology with the final embodiment of the product. But in regard to the current state of affairs, this sustainable movement has actually advanced beyond its limitation of eco-friendly hardware. As a matter of fact, the righteous scope has touched upon the intrinsic software mechanism of products, whether we talk


10 Ways Apple is Keeping it Green $AAPL

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is in the design and marketing business of consumer electronics, personal computers and computer software. Apple is extremely well known for a number of their hardware products, including the Mac computer line, iPod, iPhone and the recently introduced iPad, as well as the Mac OS X operating


iPhone 4 Accessories: Eco Edition $AAPL

With yesterday’s unfortunate announcement of Steve Jobs resigning his post as Apple’s CEO, we thought it was fitting to dedicate today’s post to Steve and briefly discuss a couple of cool, eco-friendly iPhone accessories. Whether you are looking for a stand, a case, a way to listen to your music, or a way to charge


QuickerTek’s Solar Charger for MacBooks $AAPL

There’s not a huge demand for QuickerTek’s solar photovoltaicchargers for Apple MacBooks, said QuickerTek’s president Rick Estes. “But when someone needs it, they really need it,” Estes said. QuickerTek produces two versions of its foldable PV solar array forMac computers called the Apple Juicz. The 27-watt setup works for mostMacBook users, according to the company’s