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The Solar iPad Case from Logitech

The Solar iPad Case from Logitech

Logitech, the global leader in manufacturing personal computer accessories has finally came up with a solar powered keyboard case for the iPad tablet computers. This new introduction by the Swiss based company is an electronic gadget, which is environment friendly in true sense, because it’s powered by solar light. The keyboard can get connected to


The Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock

Very few of us may have fond memories of those antediluvian metallic horns nonchalantly jutting out of our equally quaint gramophones. However, those delectable goosenecks are still not out of vogue, at least when it comes to the Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock. Designed by Ryan Boase, this musical system fascinatingly fuses the reminiscing essence of


Apple’s Green Data Center

Last year Apple commissioned a new 500,000-square-foot data center in Maiden, North Carolina, which is now going green and going solar. The $1 billion facility will be reportedly the company’s largest data center, which will be supporting a wide variety of the company’s hot product portfolio including iTunes, iCloud, and Siri voice functionality in the iPhone 4S.


Apple’s North Carolina Solar Array $AAPL

Apple recently announced that it is constructing what is billed to be the United States’ biggest end user owned solar array, which will have the capacity of producing renewable energy worth 42 million kilowatt hours every year. Apple’s initiative will greatly benefit its billion dollar data center situated in Maiden, North Carolina. The news isn’t


Analyst Calls Tesla the “Apple of Autos” $TSLA $AAPL

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) picked up some positive news today after it was announced that analyst Jesse Pichel from Jefferies initiative coverage with a $35 price target. Calling Tesla the “Apple of autos,” Pichel notes that Tesla’s strategy is based on a combination of technology, performance, unconventional marketing and a “cool factor.” Pichel also commented on


The iNature Bio-Degradable iPhone Case $AAPL

Italian firms Med Computer and Biomood have created biodegradable cases for Apple iPhone, the iNature. It was demonstrated at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The iNature cases will decompose about 90 percent in soil in 180 days after you throw away them. They are made from a native Italian bio-plastic, called the Apinat. The material


How Apple will Integrate Clean Energy into Future iDevices $AAPL

Like many consumer electronics companies, Apple too has come under flak for its use of non-recyclable materials and toxic chemicals. But, like those other companies, it has striven to earn itself some green points by altering its use of such materials. Its MacBook Pro now uses LED backlit LCD displays that are mercury-free wiht arsenic-free


Solar iPhone Coming? Foxconn Enters Chinese Solar Industry

At a time when solar manufacturers around the world are reeling from overproduction, low prices and narrowing margins, there’s a new entry in the field. Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group, which is the largest contract manufacturer of electronics, including the iPhone, is building a solar panel plant in China. After lowering solar cell prices a historic 62%


Will Apple’s New Spaceship Campus Have the Biggest Solar Array in U.S?

Apple unveiled its plans yesterday for its new striking headquarters campus in Cupertino, California. “I want to leave a signature campus that expresses the values of the company for generations,” Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson. The spectular spaceship design is a 175-acre circular structure,  with a footprint larger than the Pentagon. Its four stories high with glass circular