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Apple Claims Green is Still A Priority

Apple Claims Green is Still A Priority

One thinks of Apple CEO Tim Cook as being an extremely calm person, but he drew a hard line against a conservative faction of shareholders who complained that the company should focus entirely on its bottom line, and knock off its demand for renewable energy and its participation in other sustainability initiatives aimed at stemming climate


Apple: Solar Charging Ahead?

There are plenty of rumors out there about new gadgets and gear and none are usually more tantalizing than those that come out around Apple. While some companies are creating solar-powered smartphone cases with extra battery power others are working on ingenious ways to incorporate solar-charging directly into a smartphone’s touchscreen surface itself. One of


Alternative Energy ETF’s and Mutual Funds are Killing It

Alternative energy MFs racked up extremely robust gains in the past year. Returns range from a low of 16%, to a high of 64% for a mutual fund that is heavy into solar investments. ETFs also did well, but returns are much more variable. They range from a loss of 34% for a carbon ETF,


Apple Hires Lisa Jackson

Apple, which hasn’t always had a peachy relationship with the environmental community, is winning plaudits for its hiring of Lisa Jackson, who recently departed after a four-year stint as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. CEO Tim Cook let this cat out of the bag on Tuesday in an interview at All Things D’s D11 conference. He said


Apple Discusses their Energy Efficiency Efforts

You don’t see Apple Inc. employees speaking at very many events, other than their own product launches. So hearing from Apple’s Energy Manager at Friday’s SVLG Sustainability Summit was an event conspicuous by its lonesomeness. Forget about sharing the presentation with you — it’s secret. I asked them to share it. In fact, Apple’s energy


Foxconn Goes Solar

Infamous Foxconn, best known for the deplorable working conditions for Chinese workers that make Apple’s iPod and other products, is intent on developing a strong presence in the solar industry. The company first announced this decision in 2011 at the height of overcapacity in the industry. The last thing that was needed was a big new player that would bring


Apple Data Centers Now 100% Renewable

Apple‘s data centers are now powered 100 percent by renewable energy and 75 percent of their facilities are solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal sources. But unfortunately, the  Apple and the Environment report finds that their greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 34 percent (30.9 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions) in 2012. Apple Insider writes: The Apple and


Apple Withdraws Products from EPEAT Green Certification

Once again, Apple is making headlines for a controversial environmental policy. In late June, the company abruptly withdrew its products from the influential EPEAT green technology certification program. It comes as a shock because Apple was among the companies originally involved in designing the EPEAT rating criteria. EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) reduces the


Applied Materials’ Battered Stock: Time to Buy?

Applied Materials (AMAT), the nation’s biggest maker of semiconductor-fabrication equipment, has one of the richest dividend yields among major technology companies., including Microsoft (MSFT), Intel (INTC), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Oracle (ORCL) and Apple (AAPL), which later this summer begins paying a quarterly dividend. INTC Dividend Yield data by YCharts Since initiating a dividend in 2005, Applied


The SolaPad iPad Charger

SolaWerks, Inc. a newly formed subsidiary, of Domark International Inc. has  announced  confirmation that its  new “SolaPad” are being prepared for shipment. The company anticipates pre-orders for “SolaPad” will be accepted via the SolaWerks website by the middle of this week. Deliveries to pre-order customers are anticipated to begin during the 1st week of June.