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Revisited: The Sale of Fisker

Revisited: The Sale of Fisker

The sale of electric car company Fisker is turning out to be quite a soap opera. A decision by US Bankruptcy Court has put the remains of the company up for public auction. A late bid by Wanxiang, China’s largest auto parts manufacturer has reopened the bidding on Fisker’s DOE loan debt. Although it looked

Wanxiang: A123 Buyout?

A123 may have declared in its bankruptcy filing this week that it has chosen U.S.–based Johnson Controls, rather than Chinese rescuer Wanxiang, as the preferred bidder for its automotive battery business. But that doesn’t mean that Wanxiang is letting go of its $465 million bid to buy A123 outright. That’s the upshot of a Thursday


A123 Systems: Going to Zero?

There was so much enthusiasm when high-performance battery manufacturer A123 Systems (NASDAQ:AONE) came on the scene. The promise of an advanced battery manufacturing facility pumping out batteries for next-generation electric cars while providing jobs for US workers was a bold one, and one that a lot of folks cheered. But certain realities rapidly turned that


GM Gives Props to Envia’s Car Battery

Back in February, Envia Systems made an announcement regarding tests of its electric vehicle battery technology, and said it had achieved an energy density of 400 Watt-hours/kilogram (Wh/g) with battery technology for electric vehicles. This week, General Motors, which backs Envia, reinforced during an employee conference that Envia’s solution could power an electric car for


Chinese Investor Saves A123 Systems from Death

As its losses deepen, A123 Systems is reaching out to China for a new financial lifeline. Under the terms of a new non-binding memorandum of understanding, the electric vehicle battery maker could receive up to $450 million from China’s largest automotive components supplier Wanxiang Group Corporation. A123, which makes advanced lithium-ion technologies, supplies batteries to Fisker


Utility-Scale Energy Storage: How Soon?

Steven Berberich is the President and CEO of the California Independent System Operator — the entity that makes sure there is a balance of electrical generation supply to meet the power demands of 30 million Californians. The organization has a deep familiarity with baseload and synchronous generation sources. Berberich spoke at a recent energy storage


A123 Raises $50M: Is It Enough?

A123 may have solved its short-term financial problems by raising $50 million in debt on Saturday. But the price of saving the beleaguered lithium-ion battery maker’s immediate concerns could lead to a “death by a thousand cuts” to its share price and long-term viability. That’s what some analysts are saying about A123’s weekend announcement of


Spider9: Transforming the Battery Cell/Solar Management Industries

Keeping batteries and solar panels operating at maximum efficiency takes software smarts, and we’ve seen a lot of technology developments around both fields. Now we’ve got a startup that says it can handle both tasks, with tests underway and plans for commercial products out by late this year. Spider9 is developing patent-pending intellectual property from