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FUTUREWATCH: 3D Printing Batteries

FUTUREWATCH: 3D Printing Batteries

A group of scientists from Harvard and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has created a 3D printer printer capable of making lithium-ion batteries that are about the size of a grain of sand. Such tiny batteries can provide electricity to power really small devices in various fields ranging from medicine to communications, including many

The Future Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

The Future of Solar

Solar energy is one of the best sources for renewable energy in the world. The sun shines nearly everywhere in the world, and produces enough energy to provide power for every home and business in the world. Someday, solar energy may replace fossil fuels and become a main energy source for the world. However, before


3-D Solar Modules Developed @MIT

With photovoltaics, it’s generally been thought that flat-plate collectors tilted at an angle or mounted to maximize the amount of direct sunlight that hits them are the best way to get the most out of PV. But research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is showing that 3-D modules, which look much like


3D: A New Dimension for Solar Energy

Research is on its way to improve performance of solar photovoltaic cells and bringing down cost has been the key issue. However, little importance has been given to the arrangements of these cells. Normally, PVs are placed in a flat position on rooftops and other surfaces. They’re also attached to vehicles and motorized structures where


What Will Solar Panels Look Like in the Future?

Researchers at MIT have recently concluded that solar panels, to optimize light intake, should be three-dimensional structures. According to their report in the Energy and Environmental Science journal, researchers have found constructing a solar array with photovoltaic panels at various angles can boost performance levels by 2 to 20 times compared to flat panels! In


FUTUREWATCH: Objet Geometries 3D Prints Electric Car Dashboard

3D printing is a technology which could lead to greener manufacturing and consumption since it can make use of eco friendly materials like paper, sand and plant-based biodegradable PLA plastics. It allows end users to reshape and recycle end of life products and help designers and architects to develop prototype green concepts. One of the


In Focus: 3D Chip Packaging (VIDEO)

Personal mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptop PCs are rapidly evolving, becoming faster, smaller and functionally more sophisticated. To maintain this dramatic progress in device capability, the semiconductor industry is now at a new inflection point – the era of 3D chip packaging. In this video, Applied’s Sesh Ramaswami discusses the fundamentals of advanced


In Focus: 3D Chip Technology (video)

It’s not just movies, televisions and video games that are going three-dimensional these days. Microchips are doing it, too. Semiconductors aren’t shifting into the third dimension because it’s fashionable, though. This shift is about continuing Moore’s Law, the relentless drive for higher performance that has driven the industry for four decades. With three very different