$8 Gas: Inevitable?

With oil prices remaining stubbornly above the $100 per barrel mark for WTIC, calls for $6 gas in the U.S. as a consequence of an attack on Iran may turn out to be a rather conservative, maybe even a low-ball estimate. According to Bloomberg, the average price paid at the pump has recently jumped above […] Read more

What Failed GOP Presidential Candidates think about Climate Change

Republican’s confusion on climate change is well known, but this ignorance is not only a defining feature of those left in the GOP presidential race, it also applies to those who dropped out. Here are the views of three Republican candidates who are not longer in the 2012 race. At one time these candidates were […] Read more

Rick Santorum on Climate Change

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has made a slew of absurd statements about climate change. Not only does he believe that climate change is a hoax, he refers to the large body of scientific evidence as “bogus” or “junk.” Rather than rail against Santorum for his lack of understanding, here are a few examples that […] Read more

U.S Environmental Attitudes Since 2007

What kind of attitude changes have we witnessed in America in the last five years? During this time we have experienced the worst recession since the great depression, but what has happened to US attitudes on the environment? Surveys reveal some very interesting points. A 2008 survey was conducted by public affairs assistant professor David […] Read more

The 2012 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit 2012 will take place on March 19-21, in New York, New York. The summit will focus on clean energy in a post subsidy future. Every year for the past five years the Summit has been an important draw for top energy experts from industry and finance. On February 23rd, […] Read more

The Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell Electric Drivetrain

Last year at the Detroit Motor Show , Mercedes unveiled its SLS AMG E-Cell Electric Sports Car. Recently, Mercedes shared few details and images of the drive train system that will be featured by SLS AMG E-Cell. The sports car is the new member of the SLS AMG family that will feature an E-CELL after […] Read more

Solar Industry Optimistic for 2012

Our February 22, 2012 #SolarChat on Twitter was filled with industry leaders and the solar curious. Although EcoOutfitters.net’s Raina Russo couldn’t make it (for the first time ever!), the entire staff here at EO is thrilled and excited by the response our #SolarChats have gotten, and — like the solar industry itself — we started […] Read more

Obama: Permanent Renewable Energy Tax Breaks Must Happen

One important element in President Obama’s corporate tax reform plan is that he would make the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) permanent. The reform plan says that providing only temporary tax breaks has led to instability and uncertainty in renewable energy industries and their investors, preventing growth. “This approach has created an uncertain investment climate, undermined the effectiveness […] Read more

Will the Solar Flare Cause Blackouts?

The first time we got hit by one of these bad boys that we know of in the 1870, the telegraph system here in the US had to disconnect their batteries to prevent fires and yet the telegraph system still worked without power. But for the utility companies this is a big deal and that […] Read more

SunPower Silences the Critics with Recent Earnings and Guidance

While it’s still choppy seas for the solar industry, SunPower’s full-year results for 2011 beat analysts’ estimates, and its 2012 guidance led some analysts to be more bullish on its stock. Among other steps the company is taking, it’s working to reduce costs by simplifying its production process and introducing more efficient PV cells. The […] Read more

The State of CPV Solar

Concentrated photovoltaic solar (CPV) is increasing its presence in the utility-scale solar market, but its growth has been partially stunted by falling prices for less efficient PV options such as conventional crystalline silicon, making it less competitive with respect to cost.  When it comes to power generation, cost is the primary part of the decision […] Read more

Outlook: 2012 Chinese Solar Industry

The Chinese solar industry will achieve unprecedented growth in 2012, adding more than 2.8 GW. The strong growth of Chinese solar in 2012 is due to both the 12th Five Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development (2011-2015) and their feed-in tariffs (FiTs). In February, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology posted a plan that […] Read more

Bill Clinton Discussus Energy Ideas at ARPA-E

Former President Bill Clinton stepped onto the stage at ARPA-E’s third annual Energy Innovation Summit to a standing ovation. He started off by reminding the tech-savvy crowd that he was “famously technologically challenged.” He then reflected on his position of being a former president, adding, “One of the saddest things about being a former president […] Read more

Renewable Energy Production Up 27% Under Obama

Since President Obama entered office three years ago, renewable energy production in the US has climbed 26.9%, according to the Energy Information Agency’s (EIA) latest “Monthly Energy Review.” For the three years ending November 30, 2011, domestic oil production has also risen, by 13.7%, natural gas production grew 13.4%, nuclear power decreased by 2.8% and […] Read more