15 Apr

Smart Highways Have Arrived


It might look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but a Dutch engineering firm …

25 Feb

Watch Out Utilities: Here Come The Technology Giants


One of the more outspoken and forward-thinking executives in today’s energy industry is NRG Energy’s CEO …

16 Jan

Department of Energy Invests in Cyber Security for Utilities

The Daily Fusion

The Department of Energy has awarded the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) $1.7 million to help detect …

13 Jan

Google Gobbles Up Nest

Greentech Media

Google couldn’t make its own home energy management platform work. So rather than try to invent its …

19 Nov

Smart Pipeline Technology Testing by SINTEF

The Daily Fusion

As oil production moves into increasingly deeper waters and more environmentally-sensitive areas, the need for …

18 Sep

How to Approach Smart Meters

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

A new documentary about smart meters opens on September 5th called Take Back Your Power.  …

12 May

Microsoft Creates Smart Campus with Sensors


“Give me a little data and I’ll tell you a little. Give me a lot …

12 Feb

Japan Pushes Smart Cities


In the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Japan has placed heightened urgency …

19 Dec

A Smarter Way To Install Solar

No More Naked Roofs

A few months ago, I wrote about this former Army Colonel by the name of …

30 Oct

In Focus: The Smart Highway


Designers and urban planners around the world are constantly looking for ways to connect citizens …

16 Mar

Top 10 Smart and Sustainable Cities

Green Chip Stocks

A “Smart City” in the United States may be defined as one that uses technologies …

13 Feb

In Focus: Flexible Batteries


Would you consider wearing a battery ? Of course not, it might seem too dangerous. …