25 Sep

China/EU Battle Carbon Emissions


One of the world’s largest economic powerhouses has reportedly struck a deal with the European …

31 Jul

The Philippines Passes Renewable Energy FiT


In a historic day for renewable energy in The Philippines, the country approved a feed-in tariff (FiT) that …

27 Jul

Bangladesh Hits 1 Million Solar Systems Milestone


In one of the poorest countries on the planet a renewable energy service company is …

09 Apr

U.S Coal Exports @ 20 Year High


For the full year of 2011, the US exported 107,259 thousand short tons of coal. …

05 Apr

The Correlation Between LNG Exports and Natural Gas Prices


Natural gas producers are searching for options to increase their revenues as gas prices in …

04 Aug

How China Can Speed Up Solar Exports

Greentech Media

My colleague Shyam Mehta wrote an interesting column the other day on why the solar …