T-Solar Adopts BrightView’s Metrology Solution

BrightView Systems, a leading provider of in-line metrology-basedprocess control and optimization tools for thin-film solar cellmanufacturing received technical acceptance and announces deployment ofits InSight-M at T-Solar’s thin film solar factory at Ourence, Spain.

The tool will be utilized for capturing and analyzing process maps for 100percent of the produced panels, a method that will dramatically enhanceproductivity, drive product improvements enable novel processoptimization solutions that improve long term reliability and projectbankability.

T-Solar’s unique position as a vertically integrated solar power provider that manufactures the modules as well as buildsthe solar farms, will be the basis for a joint project betweenBrightView and T-Solar that will examine and analyze the relationshipbetween process variations and long-term field performance.

Theglobal distribution of T-Solar’s PV farms, spanning Peru, Italy, Franceand Spain, presents unique challenges in respect to radiation levels,temperatures and other local variations. This study will provide T-Solar with unique insight that will enable customization of processparameters to specific field requirements, and will provide tools forproject planners and integrators to optimize selection of photovoltaicpanels.

"T-Solar is making great strides in process optimizationby using the BrightView InSight-M system," said Benny Shoham, CEO ofBrightView. "As T-Solar operates its own solar farms, partnering withthem provides us with an opportunity to contribute our process knowledge and optimization tools for enhancing field performance qualities of the panels that are directly related to project planning and bankability."

"BrightView has enabled us to gain the insight we needed into our manufacturingprocess," said Juan Lasso, CEO, T-Solar. "The unique value ofBrightView’s solution lies in the combination of innovative processoptimization tools with in-depth knowledge of process and manufacturing. This will help us improve the performance of thin-film siliconphotovoltaic modules, reduce the production cost per module, andstreamline project planning."