Sunward Forms Installation Partnership With groSolar

Sunward, a manufacturer of plug-and-play solar hot water systems, and groSolar, aninstaller of solar hot water and solar photovoltaic systems, have signed a new partnership that will make groSolar a certified vendor andinstaller of the Sunward solar hot water system.

Availabledirectly from the company or through certified partners, the Sunwardsystem installs quickly, works in any climate and cuts household energybills by up to $800 per year, according to the companies. By teamingwith groSolar, Sunward now offers homeowners an installation optionthroughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, as well as in partsof California.

The complete Sunward system, fully installed bygroSolar, starts at $9,846 before federal tax incentives, or $6,892after the federal tax credit. State and utility incentives can lower the final cost below $5,000, the companies add, and financing is available.



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