Sunvalley Solar awarded $3 million solar system installation contract

Sunvalley Solar Inc., a leading provider of solar power technology andsolar system integration company, has signed another commercial solarinstallation contract in Thermal City (Palm Spring area) with Felix Chao Chuo Farm Inc.

The dramatic, 653 Kilowatt installation includesthree solar systems comprised of 6,876 solar panels and has a totalcontract value of over $3 million. Sunvalley Solar will design andinstall these solar power systems at Felix Chao Chuo Farm, one of thelargest farms in the US, with 90 acres of vegetable fields. In businessfor more than 40 years, Felix Chao Chuo provides fresh vegetable andfish to supermarkets in New York, New Jersey, and California.

"The cost of our electrical power usage is very high now since we require asignificant amount of electrical power to water our fields and torefrigerate our vegetables. The new solar power systems, will providemost of the electricity we need to operate the business and providefresh vegetables to our customers" said Felix Chac Hung Chuo, presidentof Felix Chac Chuo Farms.

"We know Sunvalley has experience andexpertise in solar system design and installation, and their service isextremely good. Sunvalley offers us an extremely green power solutionand we are eager to use solar power and make our farm moreeco-friendly."

The solar system is expected to generate 1,176,721 Kilowatt hours of electricity annually. During the peak months of Maythrough October the system will generate surplus power and earn creditswith Imperial Irrigation District Utility, offsetting the less sunnywinter months. Over its lifetime, Felix Chao Chuo Farms’ solarinstallation is expected to offset an estimated 45 million pounds ofcarbon dioxide, the equivalent of planting 21,398 trees.

"Thiscontract is another milestone for us in Palm Spring area following ourjust announced contract with Long Life Farms to install three solarsystems comprised of 8,460 solar panels with a total contracted value of over $3.69M. " said James Zhang, CEO of Sunvalley Solar.

"Weare working together with other farms in the Palm Springs and ThermalCity areas to introduce the option of solar power as a cost –efficient,eco-friendly alternative to traditional electricity. This is just astart in our overall strategic plan to be the dominant supplier of solar products to the Palm Springs market segment."

The installation for Chao Chuo Farms, Inc. will begin in early 2011.

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