Suntech (STP) Powers Net-Zero Showcase Home At Olympics (STP) $STP

Suntech announced that their solar panels are being used to power anet-zero showcase home for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The house,which is currently being used to house Olympic athletes, produces asmuch energy as it consumes each year, thanks in part to 6 KW of powergenerated by Suntech’s  Just Roof (TM) solar roofing system. 

The house, designed by RDC Homes, is so efficient that on an annual basis it may even produce more energy than it consumes.

In a press release, Steve Chan, Suntech’s Chief Strategy Officer, commented on the news:

“The world’s focus is on the sportsmanship and excitement of the 2010
Winter Olympics with the incredible backdrop of the Vancouver environment, and
as such, it is a great time for the clean energy community to show off the
potential of sustainable, zero-energy living – especially in a place like
Whistler, with an annual snow fall of 30 feet. This home is proof-positive that net-zero homes
are accessible for today’s homeowners and home builders.”

Suntech (STP) Powers Net-Zero Showcase Home At Olympics


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