Suntech signs multi-megawatt supply deal with Germany’s Soleos

ProdLine 12 29452a Suntech signs multi megawatt supply deal with Germanys Soleos

China’s Suntech has signed a photovoltaic (PV) supply agreement with German PV-systems integrator Soleos for modules worth at least 6 megawatts (MW) in the first half of 2009.David Mabille, chief executive of the Bornheim-Sechtem-based Soleos, says depending on the market for PV products, the deal could potentially be worth far more.

“Given the growing demand for premium-quality modules in the European market in countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Belgium, we anticipate purchasing up to 30MW of solar panels from Suntech over the course of the year,” Mabille says.

Soleos has more than a decade of experience with both grid-tied and off-grid PV installations, stretching from the low-kilowatt range to multi-megawatt projects.