SunRun Wins National Award

lynn-jurich-edward-fensterSunRun, a San Francisco based  home solar company, was honored today as CEO Edward Fenster and President Lynn Jurich accepted the Business & Finance Leaders of the Year Award at the Renewable Energy World North America Conference & Expo.

Since the start of 2011 SunRun has already receivedtwo industry awards, garnered national recognition for a report called“The Impact of Local Permitting on the Cost of Solar Power,” andcelebrated its 10,000th customer.  The company installs more than $1million in residential solar every day to give Americans an affordableway to go solar. “Residential solar is growing rapidly and SunRun’ssuccessful business model puts them at the head of the pack,” saidRenewable Energy World publisher Oliver Strube. “They beat out hundredsof nominees in this category because SunRun’s impressive growth – 300percent in 2010 – demonstrates they know how to transform a greatconcept into real results.”

With solar power service, SunRun owns, installs,repairs, and insures the solar panels, while the homeowner simply pays a monthly bill for the power they use. Typically, a homeowner will savebetween 10-15 percent right away on total electricity bills, plus tensof thousands over time as utility rates increase.”We’re honored toaccept this award on behalf of our entire team, as Lynn and I representjust one part of the tireless effort that goes into making SunRunsuccessful,” said Edward Fenster, SunRun CEO.  ”Today we bring solar tothousands of rooftops, but our goal is to power millions of Americanhomes and we’re on track to achieve that.”



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