SunRun Expands to Hawaii

Earlier this summer, I wrote an article on the state of solar power on the sunny Hawaiian island of Kauai.  Nearly 90 percent of the power generated and consumed in Hawaii is the product of imported fossil fuels.

But it turns out that even with extremely high electricity rates andample sun — solar power doesn’t appear on people’s rooftopsautomatically, despite grid parity.  It has to be affordably financed — and that wasn’t happening in Hawaii.  Until now.

SunRun justannounced that its solar power service is available in Hawaii.  TheVC-funded startup allows homeowners to have rooftop solar panelsinstalled for zero dollars down with monthly payments for solarelectricity.  SunRun owns, monitors, maintains, and insures the solarpanels.

Lynn Jurich, the president of SunRun said, "Our solar power servicenow makes solar a reality for homeowners…by removing the high upfrontcost."  SunRun partners with local installers in each new market and has partnered in Hawaii with RevoluSun and Sunetric, two of the leadinglocal integrators. 

Alex Tiller, the CEO of SunRun partner Sunetric said, "…Hawaii will reduce its dependence on fossil fuels while taking control of its power bills," adding that "This program opens the floodgates for everyhomeowner who wants to switch to solar."

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