SunPower, Toshiba in Supply Agreement (SPWRA) $SPWRA

SunPower just announced that it has signed a supply agreement withToshiba Corporation for 32 MW wort of high-efficiency solar panels.Under the agreement, SunPower will supply the solar panels to Toshibathis year, and Toshiba will use them to offer residential solar powerin Japan.

In a press release, SunPower CEO Tom Werner commented on the agreement: “We welcome the opportunity to partner with Toshiba, a preeminentbusiness leader in Japan and throughout the world. SunPower panels areparticularly well suited to Japan’s residential market, where the newJapanese feed-in-tariff rewards production of solar energy in excess ofdomestic consumption, but available roof area is typically quite small.SunPower high efficiency systems will allow more customers to takeadvantage of this incentive.”


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