Sunpower (SPWRA) Building 9MW Solar Plant For Naturener

Sunpower(SPWRA) announced this morning that it is building a 9.1MW solar power plant inAlange, Badajoz, Spain for the Naturener Group. It’s one of the largestto be built in Spain this year and the 5th that Sunpower has designedand constructed for Naturener.  Naturener is using Sunpower’s trackertechnology which follows the sun and provides up to 25% more energy than fixed systems.  The cheaper, lower efficiency Serengeti solar panels are being used in the plant which is expected to break ground this month.

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Sunpower VP Gian Maria Ferrero commented:  “Naturener is a leader in renewable energy development, and SunPower’s long-standingpartnership with them is a clear testament to our ability toconsistently deliver the highest quality power plants quickly and costefficiently,” said SunPower Vice President Gian Maria Ferrero. “With 225 megawatts of solar power plants operating today in Europe, SunPower has the experience and technology to ensure investors get the most valueout of their solar assets.”

Sunpower (SPWRA) Building 9MW Solar Plant For Naturener In Spain