Sunlight Solar Energy talks solar with Newton North Greengineers


Last Thursday, January 20th, Newton’s Sunlight Solar Energy employees Amy Levine and Christopher Robinson met with Newton North High School’s Greengineers to talk about solar energy and the current state of renewable energy in the US. Conceptualized and led by former English teacher StephenChinosi, the Greengineers class is a collaborative, innovativeeducational program that combines Chemistry, Engineering, Physics,Economics, Finance, Design, and Industrial Safety.

After giving an informal presentation about solar energy, Amy and Chris had the pleasure of learning about the Greengineers’projects this year. Some of their projects include producing largequantities of biodiesel from waste grease, recycling plastic bags intodurable and reusable products, and experimenting with algae as arenewable energy source.

It was truly inspirational to see what students can achieve in asolution-centered, hands-on learning environment with unlimitedencouragement and support for creativity. This kind of educational model is necessary for preparing a new generation to think innovatively andcreate solutions to problems that affect our local, national, and global communities. In drawing from a wide variety of resources and fields ofstudy, these students are learning the value of a collaborative approach to problem solving.

Newton is lucky to have such an exciting educational opportunity inits backyard. We are looking forward to continuing a relationship withthis class and helping students learn more about the variousapplications of solar energy in the vast and exciting mix of emergingrenewable energy sources.



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