Sungevity Launches ‘Rooftop Revolution’

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sungevity Sungevity Launches Rooftop Revolution

As Sungevity works to expand its presence in the eastern U.S., itlaunched “Rooftop Revolution,” an ambitious new campaign on Amtrak’sAcela Express train system, which runs from Massachusetts to Washington, D.C., hitting major cities in between. The company is sponsoring wi-fiin the trains as well as doing branding throughout trains for the monthof July.

Sungevity is among the companies that offer homeowners solar leases, which are becoming a popular option for homeowners that want to install solar but don’t want the hefty upfront costs, associated with such asystem. As part of its summer push elsewhere, the company announced that it was giving $1,000 to the Northern California Sierra Club Chapter for chapter members that go solar with a Sungevity system. It’s similar toSierra Club chapter deals in with SunRun in Southern California, and with RS Energy in Oregon.

This is the first time one company has taken over the popular AmtrakAcela Express, according to a press release. In addition to offeringfree wi-fi to passengers, the company is providing back-lit ads, posters and covering 5,000 seatbacks with promotional material.

“The wi-fi service is free on Acela Express, but Sungevity’ssponsorship of the train allows us to reach passengers directly throughtheir Internet use,” said Sungevity Director of Brand Engagement JohnOrdona. When passengers connect to the Internet on the train, they’regreeted with a Sungevity screen that allows them to access the company’s iQuote service, he said.

“We now have coast-to-coast presence in the United States withSungevity services being offered in California, Arizona, Colorado, NewJersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts and Delaware,” Ordona said.

Sungevity has had a longer presence on the West Coast, however.

“We wanted to make an impact statement in the new regions we serviceand get in front of a target-right, captive audience. Sungevity’spresence on the Acela accomplishes that in a big way,” he said.

The Acela is a more business-passenger focused train than most Amtrak trains.

“Sungevity’s campaign with Amtrak consists of a complete brandtake-over of the entire Acela Northeast Fleet,” Ordona said. It’s thefirst phase of a broader advertising campaign, according to Ordona.“Other components of the campaign will launch later this summer.

Sungevity’s “Rooftop Revolution” extends the brand’s presence from coast-to-coast.”


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