Sungevity and Sierra Club Announce Partnership

Sungevity and Sierra Club launched the Sierra Club Solar HomeCampaign today, and we couldn’t be more exciting about our partnershipwith this venerable grassroots environmental organization.  Read ourjoint press release below:

Sungevity and Sierra Club Join Forces to Accelerate Rooftop Solar in Northern California

OAKLAND, Calif.—Today, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Bruneand Sungevity Founder Danny Kennedy climbed on top of a home in Oaklandto announce an innovative new partnership aimed at rapidly expandingrooftop solar in the Bay Area.

Sierra Club will be reaching out to its supporters in Northern andCentral California and asking them to sign up for easy and affordablesolar leasing through Sungevity. For each supporter who signs up, Sierra Club will receive $1,000 from Sungevity for its campaign to endreliance on fossil fuels and transition to a clean energy economy.

“In order to end our dependence on dirty energy, we need as manyAmericans as possible to switch to clean energy like rooftop solar. This is a high priority for Sierra Club. We are urging all of our membersand supporters in Northern California to work with Sungevity to find out if solar is right for them. Every home that goes solar gets us one step closer to our goal of a clean energy economy,” said Brune.

“The new Sungevity-Sierra Club is a win-win-win scenario,” saidKennedy. “Sierra Club members benefit from the cost-savings of goingsolar, Sungevity builds on its network of energized customers and we all get a cleaner environment.”

Beginning today, Sierra Club members can lease or purchase a Sungevity solar energy system through

“I strongly encourage all Sierra Club members to start the easy process by logging on to for a quick, free iQuote,” added Kennedy.

Sierra Club will use the activist tools it has honed over decades toask consumers to switch to clean energy. Through house parties, phonebanks and community organizing, the grassroots environmental group willencourage homeowners to go solar.

The partnership kicked off today at the Oakland home of Sierra Clubmember and Sungevity customer Dan Rademacher. Kennedy and Brune bothdiscussed the environmental and financial benefits of residential solarleases from the rooftop of Rademacher’s home.


Video and photos of the event are available upon request.

About Sierra Club

Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest and largest grassrootsenvironmental organization. Founded by John Muir in 1892, Sierra Clubhas 1.4 million members and supporters and chapters and volunteersacross the nation. Sierra Club’s mission is to explore, enjoy andprotect the planet.


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