SunEarth Releases SunBelt Flat-Plate Solar Thermal Collectors

SunEarth Logo SunEarth Releases SunBelt Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors

SunEarth, a solar waterheating products manufacturer, has developed its new SunBelt series ofliquid flat-plate solar thermal collectors.

The collectorfeatures an anodized extrusion, a standard SunEarth all-copper absorberwith water-based flat black paint, tempered glass, polyisocyanurateinsulation, and standard 0.75-inch headers. The SunBelt is backed by astandard 10-year limited warranty.

The company says thecollector has been designed with the demanding climatic conditions ofthe U.S. Southwest in mind, but notes that it can also be usedsuccessfully in other climate zones. SunEarth says the collector’sbenefits include lower stagnation temperatures than black-chrome ormoderately-selective absorber plates; reduced system overheating;prolonged propylene glycol and storage tank life expectancies;reductions in thermostat reset service calls; and low initial cost.