Sunday Energy and Carmey Avdat Winery Helping Produce Israel’s First Solar Powered Wine

vineyard Sunday Energy and Carmey Avdat Winery Helping Produce Israel’s First Solar Powered Wine

Green Prophet has already reported on Kibbutz Tzuba switching to wine production because of the decreased water needs of grapes.  Now Israeli wine is going even greener, with solar power.  This past Monday, Sunday Energy Ltd.(Isra’el’s leading solar energy service provider) announced that it hadcompleted installing a 50 kW Peak solar system on the roof of the Carmey Avdat winery located in the Israeli Negev desert.

Since the winery is located in an area that consistently gets a lotof sun, the installation on the 200 square meter roof of the winery isexpected to meet approximately 65 percent of Carmey Avdat’s annualenergy needs.

Thus making them Israel’s first solar powered wine producer.

Eyal Izrael, co-founder of the Carmey Avdat winery, said that thecompany intended to put the solar power to immediate use and that“thanks to Sunday’s excellent work installing our solar roof, ourwinery, starting with the 2009 vintage, will produce wine with the helpof solar energy.  As a socially-responsible company, producing “green”wine was always a goal, and is an important step for us in reducing ourcarbon footprint and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gassesemitted into the atmosphere each year.”

Hannah and Eyal Izrael have always respected the natural environmentof their vineyard, however, and as they describe on the Carmey Avdatwebsite, “we learned to listen to the voices of the desert and torespect it – but not to attempt to tame it.”  They also describe howtheir winery is located on the site of an ancient vineyard from theNabbatean period – over 2000 years ago.

Sunday Energy CEO Kobi Dinar wrote about the project that “theCarmey Avdat installation required a unique skill set that only ourmulti-disciplinary team of engineers and architects was able toprovide, makind Sunday the obvious choice for this project.”

The Carmey Avdat solar roof project follows other tenders previouslysecured by Sunday Energy, such as the Tel Aviv municipality bid toinstall solar energy systems on school rooftops, the Kiryat Ono tenderfor installations on the municipality’s public buildings, the largest solar roof installation in the Middle East on the Ormat factoryin Yavne, and a planned installation on the Dalton Winery.  SundayEnergy is also planning to construct solar farms across Israel over thenext 2-3 years.