Withthe recent developments in photovoltaic systems, we’ve seen solarpanels being integrated into everything from airplanes to portablegadgets. Solar Water Worldis taking solar energy generators to the open seas by integrating theminto a concept passenger ship they call the SunCat 2000.


Toget the most out of the energy generated onboard, the ship makes use ofthe newest in technology to keep it lightweight and aerodynamic. Withthe optimization of underwater lines and the plastic sandwichconstruction, the SunCat2000 is able to reach a top speed of about 6.5knots.


Thedesigners state that the environmentally-friendly and resource savingship can carry 120 passengers. The 27m long and 6.80m wide ship wouldweigh 20 tons with 120 passengers onboard. Solar Water Worldclaims that once developed, the ship would be able to operate endlesslyon a sunny day, but in overcast conditions its operating time would belimited to 10 hours.