Sun Valleys to illuminate 2010 World Expo sustainably

sun valleys_8

The2010 World Expo is scheduled to be held in May and is expected to beattended by over 70 million visitors. While designers are working hardto make their green dreams meet realism, there are some who working onsustainable means to provide illumination.

The Sun Valleys is a collection of six giant funnel-shaped canopies that are currently being constructed. The towering LED-studded structures will act as massive rainwater collectors and solar-energy generators. 

Serving as hubs for the event and covering the Expo Boulevard, the Sun Valleyswill allow natural light to filter through during daytime, whilecollecting solar energy to power their LEDs after dark. Moreover, therainwater collected by the funnels will be filtered and then used forirrigation purposes.

sun valleys_2

sun valleys_3

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Via: Inhabitat



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