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Installing rooftop solar panels to make a single homego off-grid is easy. However, using the same technique in skyscrapersisn’t feasible because the roof area available for PV panels isn’t muchto power the entire building underneath. New Energy Technologieshas come up with a solution – allow solar panels to harvest artificiallight which is in abundance in offices and commercial skyscrapers.

Thecompany‘s new solar panels installed in their transparent SolarWindow™generates electricity by using visible light offered by fluorescentlighting typically installed in offices and commercial buildings.During tests conducted on a 1”x1” substrate, the new panels achievedeight times more power than copper-indium-selenide and ten times morepower than thin-film amorphous-silicon solar panel

2 Sun free solar power surpasses conventional solar output

, without any natural light from windows.

Via: CleanTechnica