Sulfurcell Offers CIS Thin-Film Solar Modules in U.S.

Sulfurcell, one of the leading manufacturers of CIS/CIGSe-basedthin-film solar modules in the world, today announced the initiation ofUS operations.

Sulfurcell’s full line of highly aestheticGerman-made CIS thin-film modules is now available in the United Statesfor a variety of rooftop and building integrated applications. TheBerlin based company, which is partly financed by Intel Capital, plansto develop a robust network of system integrators and installersthroughout North America in the coming months.

“We’re confidentSulfurcell’s industry-leading thin-film modules will enjoy broadadoption in the American market,” said Nikolaus Meyer, CEO ofSulfurcell. “Sulfurcell’s thin-film modules combine black-tileaesthetics and high performance within a wide range of temperaturesmaking them ideal for building integrated, residential and commercialrooftop applications.”

Sulfurcell’s North American operationswill be run out of new offices in Los Angeles, CA.

Sulfurcell’scopper-indium-sulfide (CIS) thin-film solar power modules have a smoothblack appearance and a compact format. The combination of color, sizeand quality make them a very attractive building integratedphotovoltaics choice for leading architects and discerning propertyowners.

An excellent temperature co-efficient ensures highyields at hot locations, making them an ideal choice for desertutility-scale projects. The company’s product offering includes framed,frameless, and roof-integrated modules.

Sulfurcell thin-filmmodules were first made available to the European market in 2005. Themodules are IEC-certified and exceed standards. For example, theymaintain their performance not only when aged for the standard 1,000hours at 85°C and 85 percent humidity but also after 2,000 hours.Sulfurcell’s CIS-based production process enables substantially thinnerPV modules and requires only half the energy used for manufacturingconventional solar modules.

Since initiating commercial-scaleproduction in 2005, the company has manufactured and sold over 100,000modules, making it one of the three largest manufacturers ofCIS/CIGSe-based thin-film modules in the world.

In 2008,Sulfurcell was provided 85 million Euros ($110) in growth financing byrenowned international investors, including Intel Capital and the BEUfund supported by Vattenfall Europe and Gaz de France. This capital wasutilized for constructing new production facilities and for research and development.