Sulfurcell Grabs Deal for 16MW in China, India

sulfurcell cigs solar Sulfurcell Grabs Deal for 16MW in China, India

Sulfurcell has reported that it has signed deals tosell 16 megawatts of panels to projects in Asia: 10 megawatts worth ofpanels will go to China and 6 megawatts will end up on commercial roofsin New Delhi.

The German company specializes in copper indium sulfur (CIS) solar panels, which are close cousins to the copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells promoted by Miasole, Solopower, Heliovolt and others, as well as the emerging copper tin zinc sulfur selenium (CTZSS) panels under development at IBM and Crystalsol.

CIS vendors claim that swapping sulfur for gallium and selenide willsmooth the path toward mass manufacturing. The four active ingredientsin CIGS panels are not easy to control, and as a result, manyhigh-profile manufacturers have had to delay production. CIGS onlyreally started shipping commercially last year. These two deals wouldrank Sulfurcell as one of the largest CIGS manufacturers in the world.CTZSS goes one step further by eliminating Indium, a commodity intightening supply.

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