Sulfurcell Develops New CIGS PV Cell

Thin-film solar manufacturer Sulfurcell Solartechnik GmbH has unveiled the prototypes for its new product line: 1.25 m by 0.65 mmodules with a TUV Rheinland-confirmed efficiency of 10.7% and a peakoutput of 86.8 W.

Sulfurcell says the modules’ base layers use areconfigured semiconductor layer consisting of copper, indium, galliumand selenide (CIGS). In its first production line, the company usedsulfur instead of selenide. The company will be converting part of itsproduction to the selenide modules in 2011 and will then market theproduct on a megawatt scale.

Sulfurcell adds that it is aiming to surpass the 11% efficiency threshold in 2011 and the 12% threshold in2012. Module efficiencies exceeding 14% are realistic by 2015, according to the company.

SOURCE: Sulfurcell