Sujana Energy to partner with Nichia

Sujana Energy Ltd (SE), a part of Hyderabad headquartered, Sujana Groupof Companies has entered into strategic partnership with the Japanesecompany Nichia Corp., a pioneer and world leader in (blue and white)LEDs and the largest supplier of white LED’s in the world.

Both companies will work together to explore opportunities in the field of LED Lighting and Display for the first time in India.

As part of the partnership, the two companies will collaborate oncompatible capabilities that can be applied to benefit the current andfuture customers in India. For a country like India, faced with acuteshortage of electricity on the one hand and “dark region’, unconnectedto the power grid, LED lighting is the most energy efficient means oflighting, in fact it affords more than 50 percent saving in power costsfor the same level of luminous efficiency and works well with renewableenergy sources like solar power.

Expressing his satisfaction onthe strategic partnership with Nichia, YS Chowdary, chairman, SujanaGroup of Companies, said: “Renewable energy is the focus area for theSujana Group of Companies and I am sure that this partnership where twolarge corporations come together is a sign of commitment to make latesttechnology products that are available, applicable & affordable toconsumers. This I am sure will go a long way in lighting up the world.”

Nichia is the largest supplier of white LEDs in the world. It offers manyproducts and technologies that can be adapted to Indian conditions,while Sujana Energy is strong in R&D and has the understanding ofthe unique needs of India, the two companies make for an idealpartnership to develop and joint market products that are designed foruse in homes and offices as well as public conveniences.

Underthe Solar Power Mission itself, the government plans to convert 60Indian cities to total solar powered cities, making for an opportunityof almost Rs. 1800 million for LED lighting equipment alone.

Makoto Takenaka, MD of Nichia Chemical Pte Ltd, said: “The current strategicpartnership on LED lighting and display formalizes a long-term andvaluable relationship between Sujana Energy and Nichia, and furtherexpands our corporate relations. By gaining a better understanding ofeach company’s capabilities we are sure to collaborate to develop unique solutions for customers across the country.

"Demand for LED isalmost limitless worldwide. Although competition is extremely high inIndian market, I believe, this collaboration between Sujana and Nichiawill be a breakthrough for expanding LED lighting and display.”

As part of the strategic partnership, Nichia will provide Sujana Energy aproduct head start/leeway, during which, Nichia will do best to make its new/suited products available only to Sujana for the Indian market. The scope of the cooperation in LED lighting and display domain by usingvarious collaboration channels may be further expanded; potentiallyextending it to other countries in the future as demands exist.

Hari Kiran Chereddi, MD, Sujana Energy, remarked, “By bringing together ourexperience and capabilities, we will be in a position of strength toprovide our customers with innovative and comprehensive solutions fortheir lighting needs using cutting edge renewable technologies.“