Study: PV Panels Return Embodied Energy in 1-3 Years

sun cloud cool Study: PV Panels Return Embodied Energy in 1 3 Years

Sometimes renewable energy skeptics question how much energy it takes to produce and ship a solar panel in comparison to how much energy thesolar panel will produce.  If, for example, it took more energy tomanufacture the panel than the panel would every produce in itslifetime, it would not be reducing the carbon footprint it was designedto offset.

However, new studies are showing that it takes less than 3 years forone solar panel to offset its “embodied energy.”  After that, all theenergy that the panel produces is completely clean and does not need tobe accounted for in any manufacturing processes or raw materials used to make the panel.

One study concludes, “Unlike conventional energy sources, PVsystems produce clean electricity for decades after achieving theirenergy payback in three or fewer years—this is truly the magic ofPV technology.”

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