Study: Cities Overcharging for Solar Power Permits

1830 low Study: Cities Overcharging for Solar Power Permits

The Sierra Club,an environmental protection advocacy group did a study of solar panelpermitting fees in the Bay Area (Northern California) and the resultsare shocking. Solar power is associated with a high upfront investmentto get started and cities that charge extravagant fees for people toinstall solar panels are not helping push the green energy revolutionforward. They’re a hindrance to the process of helping our environmentand economy get back on track by making solar power more accessible toit’s citizens.

Many cities across the USA have made acquiring abuilding permit for solar panels completely free but on the other handcities like Cupertino, CA charge $11,737 dollars for a building permit for a 49kW (kilowatt) commercial solar electric system, a system valued at $475,000. A year ago Bethel Lutheran Church in Cupertino installed 150 solar panels reducing the church’s electric bill by 40% and the environmental benefits the system contributed.

Thechurch was shocked when they received a bill for $5,700 from the cityfor the permitting fees! After three meetings with the city council PastorRandy Pabst was able to bring down the fees to $1,o00. What do youthink about solar panel permitting fees? are they excessive in yourcity or are you lucky to live in a progressive city that does notcharge for solar panel permits?