Standard Solar to bring solar energy to University of Delaware

Standard Solar Inc., the East Coast’s premier full-service developer,integrator and installer of solar electric systems, will install solarpower at the University of Delaware (UD).

The array will beinstalled by Standard Solar and jointly developed, owned and operatedwith its joint venture partner Perpetual Energy Systems LLC (PES), acomprehensive financier of solar powered renewable energy systems.

UD’s initial solar array will include more than 2000 panels to yield an850-kilowatt solar electric system. Once completed, UD’s system isexpected to generate approximately 1035 kilowatt hours of electricityeach year and result in 1,810,000 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide beingemitted annually. The avoided emissions will be the equivalent ofreducing the use of 93,363 gallons of gasoline each year.

“TheUniversity of Delaware is pleased to partner with Standard Solar on this solar power initiative,” said UD president Patrick Harker. “Thisproject is another example of idea leadership and is in keeping with the Path to Prominence Initiative for the Planet and our ongoing efforts to become ‘The Green University.’

UD’s system will be funded inpart from its 2009 senior class gift, which was earmarked for solarinitiatives on campus. UD was a pioneer and continues to lead in thefield of photovoltaics, with a wide range of research both technical and in energy policy. The university’s research in solar energy hasresulted in the development of 10 new technologies, eight of which arenow patented, and 60 percent of these solar innovations have beenlicensed, all to US companies.

“The University of Delaware hastaken a national leadership role among universities with its sustainable efforts, and we look forward to helping them bring solar energy toDelaware,” said Scott Wiater, president, Standard Solar. “With thisinstallation, UD will have the state’s largest single rooftop solarinstallation.”

UD’s panels will be installed over three buildings throughout the school’s main campus in Newark: the Delaware Field House at the David Nelson Athletic Complex off South College Avenue, atClayton Hall on the Laird Campus off Route 896 and at 461 Wyoming Road.The largest array of solar panels, which is planned for the DelawareField House, will be the largest single rooftop installation in thestate of Delaware.

UD’s array is the first project installed byStandard Solar and jointly owned with its partner PES, a comprehensivefinancier of solar powered renewable energy systems, since theyannounced their partnership in June of this year. Together, StandardSolar and PES provide a complete turnkey solution to universities andother companies interested in benefitting from renewable energy withouthaving to outlay the large amount of capital required to design,engineer, construct, maintain and operate commercial-scale solarsystems.

“Designated by the US Department of Energy as a’national center of excellence’ in solar electric power, the Universityof Delaware ‘walks the walk,’ using the technology to assist its effortto reduce its carbon footprint by 20 percent by 2020,” said John Byrne,Distinguished Professor and director of the Center for Energy andEnvironmental Policy who led a campus carbon inventory study released in fall, 2008. “This is an important step, which I hope will soon befollowed by additional actions to meet the plan’s goal of installing 6megawatts of solar power on campus.”

“Having seen theUniversity’s solar program grow since the early 1970s, it is veryexciting to see solar energy become an important part of our community,” said Newark Mayor Vance Funk.