Solyndra Speaks Out

solyndra tubes 1 Solyndra Speaks Out

Solyndra: there’s not a solar company in the world that inspires so many opinions.

The company has created a tubular copper, indium, gallium selenide(CIGS) solar module that it claims can be the most cost-effectivesolution around on the right roof. Nearly 100 megawatts of Solyndrapanels have been installed worldwide. Cumulative revenue is close to$140 million.

The company has also shown a knack for honing in on specific customer segments. The IRS has ruled that customers can obtain investment tax credits for new roofs when installing Solyndra panels, a regulatory nuance that some developers say can put the cost of a Solyndra system below the cost of a crystalline one. Regulations in Italy and France could make the company a favorite in the agricultural solar market.

By the end of the year, the all-in price for its systems could drop to $3.50 a watt, which could mean power for under 14 cents a kilowatt hour. By the endof 2012 or the first quarter of 2013, Solyndra-based systems could sell for around $2 a watt, with the manufacturing cost for modules declining to $1.30 a watt.

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