Solutia’s Heat Transfer Fluids To Be Used In LDK’s Poly Polysilicon Plant (LDK)

Solutia just announced that its Therminol® D12 and Therminol 66synthetic heat transfer fluids will be used in LDK’s new 15,000 metricton polysilicon plant in Xinyu City, China. Solutia’s heat transferfluids have been used in several solar power-related projects thisyear, both in the manufacturing of polysilicon and to absorb andtransfer energy from sunlight in  concentrating solar power plants.

In a press release,Mr. Richard Altice, Vice President of Commercial Services of Solutia’sTechnical Specialties division, commented on the projects:

“Solutia recognizes the value of energy generation from renewablesources and is committed to serving the solar market, both in theconcentrated solar power market and the manufacture of polysilicon usedin photovoltaic solar modules.”

Solutia’s (SOA) Heat Transfer Fluids To Be Used In LDK’s World-Scale Chinese Polysilicon Plant


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