SolOptics Gets Efficiency to 12.5%

soloptics SolOptics Gets Efficiency to 12.5%

As the solar industry and photovoltaic moduleindustry matures — incremental improvements become more and moreimportant.  Barring a black swan technological event that disrupts thecurrent cost and efficiency trajectory — module vendors are nowfighting for every tiny advantage in cost reduction and performanceimprovement.

Andrew Beebe, Vice President at Suntech Power has remarked that a cost reduction of a tenth of a cent is worthy ofattention at that leading solar firm — so when a company like Genie Lens Technology makes the claim that they can improve module efficiency by a percentage point or two — it’s worth taking a look.

Genie Lens is the company, SolOptics their solar division and Fusion is the lens design that CEO Seth Weisshas begun to unveil in an exclusive to Greentech Media.  The firm is aproduct of a group of optics experts who are already in the business ofdesigning lens and holograms for printed lenses and labels foranti-counterfeiting applications.

The company’s core skill is the ray tracing software they’ve developed.  This enables the user of thesoftware to create microstructures that can be embossed or cast intoeither a thin polymer film and then adhered to a PV panel, either in the factory or in the field — much like tinting film is applied to awindow.  The structure can also be rolled onto the photovoltaic glassitself.

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